Read some of our member's stories, in their own words!

Why I joined POhWER

POhWER Member Oclay LeeTurkish-born Olcay Lee urges all those who support POhWER's work to become a member.

Olcay says: 'I have been helped by POhWER many times. I have a number of disabilities, including getting around and being able to speak easily.

'I don't have to worry now when I need to speak to someone from the council. With POhWER's help I feel stronger.

'I decided to become a member of POhWER. I wanted to become involved.'

Olcay says a member can become as little or as much involved as they wish. 'I personally get a lot from the conferences and it is good to know that we can all say what we think about how the services are given.

'As someone with learning difficulties I can say that getting involved has helped me gain in confidence. Everyone has something to contribute.'