Meera asked for support from an NHS Complaints Advocate when she was unable to access the NHS Breast Screening programme. Meera uses a moulded wheelchair and was told that her wheelchair would not fit into the screening equipment.

Brenda, an NHS complaints advocate researched the issue and, with Meera’s permission, spoke to her GP to confirm the barriers that were restricting Meera’s access to the programme.

Brenda then met with Meera and together they drafted a complaint letter to the local NHS Trust which runs the Breast Screening programme.

The local NHS Trust replied to say that they had an open scanner and hoist available which they used for wheelchair users and that they should have been offered at the point of Meera booking the scan. The trust recognised that the barriers Meera had encountered were caused by the booking administrators having a lack of knowledge of the equipment. The trust said a new process would be put in place to remove all barriers so that Meera and other wheelchair users with similar needs will be able to access the Breast Screening programme.