Lorraine had lived alone since her husband moved into a care placement. She has Alzheimer’s and following hip replacement surgery received support from carers during the day and from her sister, Anna, who stayed with her at night.

The arrangement with Anna broke down when Lorraine’s social worker discovered that she had been regularly withdrawing money from Lorraine’s bank account without her permission. The social worker considered that a change of accommodation might be in Lorraine’s best interest. When an assessment confirmed that Lorraine would not be able to make a decision about moving out of her home herself a referral was made to POhWER for advocacy support.

POhWER’s advocate, Kelvin visited Lorraine and explained his role and the reason for his visit. Lorraine had some understanding of her care and support needs and told Kelvin that she was anxious about falling, especially during the night or when she was alone. Kelvin explained that the carers would not be able to stay with her all day or through the night. Lorraine said she did not feel that she could continue living at home alone.

Kelvin and Lorraine discussed her options including a care placement. Lorraine said she would like to move to the home where her husband lives. Kelvin explained that she would probably have to wait for a vacancy and Lorraine said she would not mind moving into another home until a vacancy became available at her husband’s placement.

Kelvin asked Lorraine what she would like to do about her finances. Lorraine agreed that she needs help to look after her money and Kelvin explained what a court appointed deputyship involved. Lorraine said that she trusts her grandson and gave permission for her social worker to contact him to discuss whether he was willing to become her deputy.

Kelvin wrote a report for the social worker setting out what he had discussed with Lorraine and including her views and wishes about moving to a care home and managing her money.

Lorraine’s social worker found her a placement close to where her husband lives and she is supported to visit him regularly. She has settled in well and feels safe there. If a suitable vacancy arises at her husband’s home she will look to join him there. Lorraine’s grandson agreed to be her deputy and now looks after her financial affairs.