Kathy has suspected dementia and significant visual impairment.  She was found wandering in the street, being threatening to others. Following a hospital stay, a decision needed to be made regarding where Kathy should live as it was felt that it would be unsafe for her to return to her home.

The IMCA visited Kathy, taking time to explain her role and to observe Kathy’s reactions to the situation. 

The IMCA accessed the notes and spoke to other relevant professionals such as the Social Worker, clinical team and nursing staff who worked with Kathy regularly.  She discovered that Kathy was living independently prior to her admission.

The IMCA highlighted that less restrictive options should be considered before Kathy be permanently removed from her home. 

The IMCA was able to discuss some possible options such as specialist support with vision issues, a home assessment to see if it could be possible for Kathy to return home, or a care package in the home as previously Kathy was living independently without any support in place. 

Kathy was eventually moved to a rehabilitation unit to allow her to be further assessed prior to a final decision being made.