John was referred to HertsHelp by his GP to help access counselling services. The HertsHelp Adviser asked John about his situation and how he had been feeling. John confessed to feeling depressed with occasional suicidal thoughts. He said he had no one to talk to about this as he didn’t want to upset his mum (his only close family).

The HertsHelp Adviser identified that John perhaps needed more intensive support, rather than general counselling and highlighted the well-being service in Hertfordshire. John seemed reluctant to approach them directly and said it had taken all he could to call HertsHelp. Therefore the HertsHelp Adviser offered to go through the on-line self-referral assessment tool with him over the phone. She read out the questions and explained what was meant by each one, confirming there was no right or wrong answer.

The HertsHelp Adviser also offered to make a referral to the Samaritans via our partnership agreement, however John said he would keep the number and contact them if needed.

The call took around 45 minutes and John confirmed he felt better going through the referral with the Adviser as he may well have given up if doing it on his own.