Johnathan 92, lived with his son who cared for him for many years, but had died recently. A social worker contacted HertsHelp for support to get other agencies involved as Johnathan wished to remain living in his own home. The social worker was unable to arrange a care package straight away as there were concerns the house was quite cluttered and carers were unable to work safely.

The HertsHelp Adviser suggested a number of options, such as British Red Cross and Age UK Herts who might be able to help in the short term. It was agreed with the SW that the HertsHelp Adviser would make a referral to Age UK Herts to provide a one off de-cluttering service for his main living room and bedroom in order for the care package to commence. The HertsHelp adviser also referred to the HertsHelp at home service, to help John sort through his paperwork, review his bills and let the relevant organisations know about his son’s death.

The HertsHelp Adviser contacted Johnathan a few weeks later to see how he was getting on. Johnathan confirmed that the de-cluttering had been done and that he now had carers visiting him in the morning and evening and looked forward to the HertsHelp at home lady visiting him again as he enjoyed speaking with her. After further conversation, the HertsHelp Adviser gained that Johnathan felt quite lonely during the day, so offered to make a referral to a befriending scheme which Johnathan agreed to. The Adviser also suggested Independent Age’s telephone buddy scheme and sent him information in the post about this.