Gary, a POhWER Advocate received two referrals from a social worker for 24 year old twins Jenny and Jill for support during a care review. Jenny and Jill both have a learning disability. 

Gary spoke to the social worker to get a bit more information before meeting with the two young women. The social worker recommended that Gary meet the women together as they have previously stated they prefer this approach. He also suggested he communicate with them slowly and allow time for them to process information. Jenny was said to be a confident person who wants to be seen as an adult who can help other people. Jill was described as the quieter of the two and would need more encouragement to be involved.

Both women previously lived in a residential home together but now live in the community with a package of care to support them.

Gary met them both with their carers after a meeting with their social worker. Jenny was keen to chat and talk about her day. Gary listened and then explained that the social worker had asked him to speak with them. Gary asked them whether they would prefer to both talk to him at the same time or meet separately, both confirmed they would prefer joint meetings.  

Both Jenny and Jill told him that they were scared they would have to move. Gary explained the purpose of the review was to make sure all their information was up to date and correct, and offered reassurance that moving was not something that they needed to think about unless they wanted to. They both confirmed they didn’t want to move and they became upset at the thought of it. Gary said that he would let the social worker know this. Because they were upset about the possibility of moving, Gary suggested they arrange to meet again with the social worker in order for them to be given further reassurance – this was arranged and further reassurance was given.

Gary asked each of them what they liked to do and what was important to them. Jenny said she wanted to work for the NHS because she likes to help people. Jill told him she likes playing video games and would like to work in CEX the video game shop.

As working is something both expressed an interest in, it was discussed that both could be referred to a Specialist Employment Team and/or a similar organisation. Gary raised this as part of the review and following the review both Jenny and Jill were referred to a Specialist Employment Team and funding was allocated for them both to receive support while transitioning to a working environment.