Jane received advocacy support following DoLS while living in care home 

Jane a lady with no family or friends to support her, has been living in a care home in Grays for 11 years. Jane was referred to a POhWER advocate to carry out a visit and a report.

This was the first Deprivation of Liberty Authorisation that has been put in place by the local council - to ensure that Jane is safe and that she cannot leave the care home as she no longer had capacity for some years.

The POhWER advocates role has been to support and ensure that an up to-date care plan was in place as after some investigation it was found that there has not been one up-dated for over a year.

The social worker asked for the advocate to attend the care review; but instead of this happening the social worker was advised that the POhWER advocate would read the report and sign it off.

The outcome of a POhWER advocates involvement enabled a care review to be put in place along with appropriate support to ensure the client’s needs have been met.