James is a middle aged man from Ireland.  He is known to the mental health team in Waltham Forest and lives with his mother.

He was unsure about his rights and wanted the advocate to explain them to him. The client and the advocate discussed his Section 3 and gave him the information about Section 3. The client wanted the advocate to support him with getting leave off the ward.

The client was requesting the leave in order to go home overnight with his mother. The client requested the advocate attended ward rounds as he felt his voice was not heard at the ward round and he was not able to put his request forward on his own.

The client felt that with the advocate there to support him, he was able to speak up as he felt he was being listened to and taken seriously.

The mental health team told the client they could hear him better when he spoke up and understand his requests where previously they had struggled to hear him.

The client was able to go home as he was awarded section 17 leave and spend time at his mother’s home.

He was given home leave a few times thereafter and was later discharged.

The client said it had been very helpful having the advocate at meetings,  He felt that he had been listened to and he had received a clear response. The client is  discharged. The client thanked the advocate for the support and being there to explain things to him when he was unsure and to support his voice in ward rounds so he was listened too.