Jade is in her fifties and has cerebral palsy. Jade has been a resident at the residential unit for over ten years. Due to Jade’s fluctuating mental capacity, she has not always been able to self–refer to advocacy but Jade would always say hello to advocates who visited the residential unit and inform them of how she was feeling.

On one occasion, when Jim a POhWER RPPR advocate was visiting other clients, Jade mentioned to him that the DVD player was not working. Over the past 7 years, a relationship had been built between Jade and the advocates. Jade appeared to trust the service and the advocates were aware of Jade’s personality and how she would approach to communicate with them. Because of this, Jim knew that the DVD player was important to Jade and although he was there in the capacity of a RPPR advocate, he felt he could support under the community advocacy contract. He discussed this with Jade and agreed to support her to raise the issue with the home.

Jim raised the issue on behalf of Jade and asked the staff what was wrong with the DVD player. The staff informed Jim that the DVD player was no longer reading the discs. The staff said that a new DVD player would need to be requested.

Jim emailed the management team for the residential unit and informed them of the issue. The management team replied to say that they would authorise the staff to purchase a new DVD player. 

The following week, Jim visited the home and was informed that a new DVD player had been purchased.  

Jade said she was happy with the new DVD player, as she was able to watch the films she likes again.

The staff also thanked Jim for his support.