Qadir is a 70 to 80 year old Asian man with prostrate cancer and advanced Parkinson’s condition. He was living in his own home, but was admitted to a hospice after he was found in a neglected state at home. His health greatly improved with hospice care and Qadir then moved to a nursing home. Qadir requires support for all daily living tasks and with taking medication. Qadir can not go out from the care home without staff support. A capacity assessment was completed on Qadir by a psychiatrist while at the home last year and he was assessed as not having capacity in regard to his care needs. Following this capacity assessment the Local Authority placed Qadir under a DoL. Qadir has no family or friends willing to represent him in and an RPPR was appointed

RPPR met with Qadir twice at the nursing home where he was clear that he did not agree with the decision to place him in care, or agree with the decision to place him under DoLS. He assumed he was going to return to his flat after he was at the hospice. Qadir also said that he wanted the opportunity to go out more and be in an environment he was more familiar with. RPPR found by listening to Qadir he was able to give me a detailed picture of his past life and current needs. Qadir seemed frustrated around not being told what was happening in regard to his care as he had told staff that he wanted to return to his flat.

Options of calling a review or making a complaint were discussed with Qadir, however the only option that Qadir wanted was to return to his flat and to challenge the DoLS decision. He said that he would consider a package of care if he returns to his flat. Qadir was able to explain clearly to me that he was not happy living at the care home and wanted to challenge the DOLS decision.

RPPR supported Qadir Q to challenge the DoLS decision and he signed Court of Protection documents which were submitted on his behalf. A hearing was held and although the judge ruled that it was in Qadir’s Best Interests under the Mental Capacity Act to remain in care and under a DoL, she agreed with Qadir that the restrictions imposed upon him were too severe, and added a condition to the DoL that Qadir must be supported out in the community twice a week by care home staff.

Qadir was happy with the way RPPR supported him and thanked me for listening to him. He stated he was relieved that someone had supported him to challenge the decision to place him in a care home and to challenge the DoL, and although he didn’t achieve what he wanted, he was satisfied his voice had been heard and his rights were upheld.