Himmat approached POhWER for support to make a formal NHS complaint because he was not happy that he had been refused the eye treatment he feels he needs. Himmat is visually impaired and needs the treatment to be able to improve his sight so that he can regain his independence.

Joshua, a POhWER Advocate, contacted Himmat and introduced himself and his role. Himmat told Joshua about his complaint. Joshua explained the complaints process to Himmat and answered his questions.  They discussed the options of where he could send his complaint and Himmat decided to send his complaint to the NHS trust.

Joshua supported Himmat to draft a complaint letter. Joshua also supported Himmat to put together an action plan so that he could understand the steps that they would be taking and the process they were going through.

Joshua made sure to give Himmat information in large print and to read letters and documents aloud if he was struggling to see them.

Himmat received a response letter, and is now on a waiting list for the eye treatment he wanted.

Himmat was very happy with this outcome as he feels like he was empowered through advocacy to have his voice heard and to achieve the outcome he was seeking. His health and wellbeing will now be significantly improved as he will be able to access the treatment he needs to improve his eyesight which will give him a better quality of life.