Hayley (not the client’s real name) is a lady with a learning disability who lives within the Camden Borough. She has recently been allocated a Social Worker and is unsure if she will be able to voice her needs without the support of an Advocate. Hayley has requested previously to have a Social worker, but her case was closed as her issue was dealt with. She has a current issue with housing needs and does not feel housing are listening to her.

I met with Hayley to discuss the support she felt she needed. During this meeting we established a clear issue and how she would like me to support her with this. During this meeting Hayley informed me that her Social Worker has arranged an introduction meeting and she would like me to attend.

Discussed with the client the option of making a complaint re housing, as she informed me that she felt the complaint she made previously were not being answered. Did re-iterate that with an Advocate’s support a positive outcome can not be guaranteed.

Hayley has been supported to meet with her Social Worker to discuss her options and the support they are able to provide moving forward.