Haresh is in his eighties and lives in a care home. He has a diagnosis of advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Haresh was referred to advocacy after he had two falls in his room within two weeks. 

Tina, a POhWER RPPR, visited Haresh and asked him about the falls, but he was unable to recall any information about what had happened, likely due to the advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

The care home manager met Tina in Haresh’s Room. She told Tina that Haresh has poor eye sight and although he wanders around the home on a daily basis, both falls had happened within his bedroom. Tina pointed out that Haresh’s room was a little dark with not much natural light coming in. The care home manager agreed that this may be making it more difficult for Haresh to navigate his room. They also discussed that Haresh’s room was quite far from the communal areas. The care home manager said staff had noticed that Haresh would sometimes get confused about finding his way back to his room. 

Tina asked if there might be an option for Haresh to move to a room that was brighter and closer to the communal areas. The care home manager thought that this was a good idea and agreed to look into finding him a room that was more suitable for his needs.

On Tina’s next visit the care home manager told her that Haresh had moved into a bedroom at the front of the care home. Tina visited Haresh’s new room and found that it was much brighter with much more natural light coming into the room. The room was also much closer to the communal areas. The care home manager told Tina that Haresh seemed to find it much easier to find this room and hadn’t had any falls since he had moved.