What our 2019 Gender pay gap figures show

Our median gender pay gap is very small and compares favourably to the national average and to other similar organisations in our sector.

  • Our mean gender pay gap is 10.2% with Male rate of £13.87per hour and Female of £12.46 per hour
  • Our median gender pay gap is 2.2% with Male rate of £11.95ph and Female of £11.69ph

POhWER is a charity providing Advocacy services to some of the most vulnerable members of society. The sector is traditionally more heavily staffed by women as is POhWER with women forming 81.75% of staff.

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The high proportion of female staff v male staff impacts on the overall gender pay gap figures, however POhWER has a 

salary banding system in place that recognises the role and job title of employees irrespective of their gender as evidenced by the much lower median pay gap.

Calendar iconThe salaries for each role are on a sliding scale with increments at 12 and 24 months irrespective of gender, and are based on experience as well as length of service.

POhWER’s gender pay gap compares favourably with the majority of other organisations within the advocacy sector and we are proud and confident that our salary banding is equitable and recognises the contribution of all staff irrespective of their gender.

We will continue to take active steps to reduce the gap and deliver equitable and inclusive pay grades across the charity.

POhWER has a Flexible Working Policy and an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy that are geared to family friendly 

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working arrangements and equality for all employees ensuring there is consistency across the salary structure in place.

POhWER is committed to continuing to work at reducing the Gender Pay Gap in line with our values and belief that everyone should be treated fairly and equitably.

The following information shows the four quartile pay bands and the proportion of Male and Female staff within each section:

Lower Quartile - 88 Female staff (88.0%) - 12 Male staff (12.0%)Ladder icon

Lower Middle - 82 Female staff (82.0%) - 18 Male staff (18.0%)

Upper Middle - 86 Female staff (86.0%) - 14 Male staff (14.0%)

Upper Quartile - 71 Female staff (71.0%) - 29 Male staff (29.0%)     


Total number of staff 400 with 327 (81.75%) Female and 73 (18.25%) Male staff

Pie chart showing gender make up of POhWER staff 82% female and 18% male

The above information has been calculated and verified as an accurate representation of the Gender Pay Gap Reporting that is required for 2019.