A picture of POhWERI have worked at POhWER since 2012, and since 2015 I have been POhWER's Head of Training, Risk and Quality. The organisation has to manage these three elements carefully to ensure we have a strong foundation to build on: excellent training provision and dedication to quality mean that risks are lessened for our service users, stakeholders, staff, volunteers and the organisation as a whole.

Although my background is in business, I have worked as an advocate for POhWER and so know the front line as well as the support services. If someone had asked me to design my ideal job, this would be close to it. It takes elements I have had experience in (and great passion) for too many years to remember without feeling very old and melds them together to enable me and my team to support the rest of the organisation to deliver high quality services.

As a team, our touchstone is the set of POhWER values – these are re-enforced through our internal training and we try to live them in everything we do: being professional; empowering others to be the best they can, through our training and through the processes we put in place, the quality we monitor, and best practice we share; and making what we do accessible to all.

I’m very privileged that I get to be the facilitator for our external quality awards; enabling our teams to demonstrate their practises, experience and innovation in delivering high quality services to our clients, sometimes in very challenging circumstances.

Part of my role involves looking at feedback from clients, professionals and others about the service they have received from their advocate or advisor. It never fails to move me when I see the impact that our advocates and advisors have had on people’s lives. I’m also involved with our influencing strategy, to widen the scope from individual changes to societal ones. Being able to share the amazing work done by my colleagues, and use this to effect larger change, is just one of the things that makes me very proud to work for this charity.