A picture of POhWER Regional Manager Dan AndersonI have been with POhWER since 2009 and have worked in a variety of roles in the organisation, starting out with our secure services team before taking on IMHA, NHS complaints and RPPR work in a peripatetic role. I also qualified as a National Advocacy Qualification assessor before taking on Community Manager posts, managing teams in Medway, Sussex, and finally Norfolk. I subsequently became Regional Manager for POhWER’s services in Central and Eastern regions.

I joined POhWER as my educational background was in Psychology and I saw advocacy work as a pathway into a career in that field. I soon came to realise that the organisational values of POhWER and the ethos of advocacy itself was very much in keeping with my own personal values, and decided to dedicate myself to a career in this field.

From my years as an advocate I have seen first-hand the challenges that face our clients, and I am proud to work for an organisation which is dedicated to helping people overcome those challenges. I also feel that we as a charity will have greater opportunity in the near future to influence societal change on broader level, and I personally relish such an opportunity.