A picture of POhWER Regional Manager Alette BeavisI have worked for POhWER since 2011 as the Regional Manager for Secure and Complex Services, East Midlands and the South Coast. Our Secure Services spans across the country including units in Scotland. I have seen services in all areas grow during my time at POhWER. My priority has always been to ensure quality delivery of advocacy to our clients whilst ensuring that individuals and teams feel very much part of POhWER and our values.

I am always mindful and proud of how POhWER started and my belief is to remain true to this in all we do, this should be our motivation and our focus in the face of all challenges. I believe we do this well but should never be complacent. I am privileged and proud to work alongside the people I do. I am inspired by those we support and groups/partnerships we work with who can face such adversity but are determined to have their voice heard. We work hard to do our part but its together we can make change.