In edition 2 we mentioned free training-further information about services below:

ECL are a trusted provider working with local authorities and health partners to deliver services aimed at wellbeing, prevention and maximising independence.

Their ECL Sensory Service website is a resource of information, advice and guidance for the whole community. They also manage the visual, hearing and dual sensory impairment registers on behalf of Essex County Council. Although there are currently limited benefits to registering hearing impairment it is anticipated that gaining more realistic statistics on the number of hard of hearing people in Essex may influence future service provision, and increase the benefits of being registered. There are many benefits for people experiencing sensory impairments, that can be found on the website and detailed on page 11 of April’s newsletter

For more details about registering the sensory impairments please log onto this link:

Please do contact ECL directly if you would like any information or advice which you can’t find on the website, if you have relevant information you would like added or if you have any feedback about the site:

ECL Sensory service also provides training

FREE Workshops

  • IT workshops
  • Finding Your Feet’ workshops for visually impaired people and their carers learning to cope together.

Sensory Awareness Training (NOT free)

  • ‘Lived Experience’ Sensory Awareness training
  • Designed, co-ordinated and delivered entirely by staff and volunteers who have sensory impairments.
  • The course, aims to immerse users into the world of those living with a visual, hearing or a dual sensory impairment,
  • The course can be bespoke

Finding Your Feet ‘Striding Out’

  • A two day workshop and discussion programme designed to help people coming to terms with sight loss (small groups)
  • Partners, family members or friends are
  • also encouraged to attend
  • The programme is facilitated by a local visually impaired volunteer, supported by Essex Cares staff and will include a guest speaker from Guide Dogs

For more details about ECL Sensory Service

Tel: 01245 256380

Email: [email protected]

ECL pride themselves on strong partnerships with local and national voluntary organisations as well as the emergency services, helping them to raise awareness throughout the community and strengthen their services through joint working, being   committed to ensuring that throughout our service design and delivery the customer remains at the heart.

For links to lots of partners that ECL works with: