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POhWER has worked in Dudley since 2006. During this time we have supported many local residents to get their voice heard about their experiences using NHS services in Dudley.

We offer the following services in Dudley:

  • NHS Complaints Advocacy for people who wish to make a complaint about treatment provided under the NHS
  • Volunteering in Dudley. If you would like to apply all you need to do is fill in the online application form and a member of our volunteer team will contact you to talk to you in more detail about local volunteer opportunities in your area.

How do I get support from an advocate?

To make a referral to the advocacy services in Dudley, you can download the forms below:

If you are not sure whether you can get an advocate, or for more information, advice and support in your area, you can contact us on 0300 456 2370 or email [email protected].

Local Resources

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Accident and Emergency Sign.

When Linda’s dad was in hospital with breathing problems, a chest infection and low blood pressure, she was very unhappy about his care. Read how our advocate helped Linda at her Local Resolution Meeting.

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Douglas, a 17 year old teenager, who is at the high functioning end of the Autism spectrum in terms of thought processing but unfortunately is severely disabled by his Autism.

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