Dorothy is in her forties and was referred to POhWER for support with making a complaint about a consultant she had been under for more than ten years.

Dorothy had recently been diagnosed with a medical condition that she has been trying to get investigated for almost 10 years but her consultant had repeatedly refused to look into it. Due to the implications this new diagnosis has for her ability to have a family, Dorothy feels that had this been investigated earlier, alternative routes could have been taken much earlier.

Dorothy reached out to the POhWER NHS Complaints service in her area as she has dyslexia and was not confident in drafting the letter complaint by herself. She also was unsure of the complaints procedure.

Our Advocate Natalia contacted Dorothy and they discussed the complaint process. Natalia outlined the timeframe that Dorothy should expect. Dorothy was concerned that as the timeline of events had begun over 10 years ago she would not be able to complain, however, Natalia explained as she had only become aware that something was wrong the previous summer, she was within the complaints process timeframe.

Dorothy explained what happened in detail and Natalia made notes to help them to draft a complaint letter. Natalia also suggested that Dorothy could dictate some points to her so the letter was more personal and used her own words.

Following the call, Natalia sent the client a summary of the notes made to ensure she had understood the nature of the complaint. Natalia sent all documents by email so that Dorothy could use a software to read them aloud to her.

Dorothy confirmed that all the details were correct. Natalia put together a first draft of the complaint and sent this to Dorothy to review.

Natalia arranged a meeting with Dorothy to discuss the letter and any changes she wanted made.

They met and went through the draft letter and made the changes.

Natalia then submitted the letter on Dorothy’s behalf to the NHS Trust where the consultant works. Dorothy is currently waiting for a reply email from them.

Dorothy thanked Natalia for taking the time to listen to her and to support her to write and submit the letter.