What is a Direct Payment?

If you have been assessed as needing help with your social care needs, you may be able to get a Direct Payment. These are payments from the local council which allow you to arrange and pay for your own care services.

You can decide how you spend the money on the care and support that works for you, such as paying for:

  • A personal assistant
  • A cleaner
  • A carer
  • Or companionship at a day centre

How can a Direct Payments Advisor help me?

Our trained advisors can:

  • Help you to  plan what care or support you need
  • Explain how direct payments work and your responsibilities
  • Help you to recruit a personal assistant or find a care agency
  • Help you to prepare a budget and keep financial records
  • Help you understand your responsibilities as an employer
  • Give you information in the way you want it.

The service is free and confidential.

How can I find a personal assistant?

POhWER and RUILS have a website which you can use to search for a Personal Assistant in Shropshire, Sandwell and Buckinghamshire. You are also able to use the website to advertise an opportunity if you are looking to employ a Personal Assistant.


Direct Payments Toolkit

We offer an online toolkit which will help you to manage your Direct Payment yourself. This has factsheets and templates.

Where do we provide this service?

You can find out if we provide a Direct Payment support in your area by clicking on the link below. If we don’t provide a service where you live, please call our support centre on 0300 456 2370 for information, advice and signposting to other organisations in your area who may be able to help you.

POhWER support in your area

How do I get support from an advisor?

If you would like help with managing your direct payment please contact us.