Delilah is a young woman who is receiving mental health support in the community. Delilah was referred to POhWER for support to make an NHS complaint.

Frank, an Independent NHS Complaints Advocate met with Delilah. She told him that she was really unhappy with the treatment she was being provided with by her community psychiatric nurse (CPN) and the local mental health team (LMHT). She told Frank that when she telephoned the team the staff were disrespectful to her and she could hear them laughing and sniggering at her in the background. She also said that she was being pressured to take her depot injection when she didn’t want to.

Delilah said staff phone her very early in the morning and wake her up even though she has asked them to call her later in the day. She told Frank that their attitude overall was making her very anxious. She said that she had been having chest pains and panic attacks and was being treated for anxiety by her GP. She felt that she was being bullied by the LMHT and that her CPN was not supporting her and she wanted a change of CPN.

Delilah is unable to read or write. Delilah asked Frank to write the letter of complaint on her behalf. He did so and then read it out to her very carefully to ensure it was 100% accurate before she signed it.

When Delilah received responses, Frank read them out to her. As a result of her complaint, Delilah said that the staff at the LMHT had started being much nicer to her and she felt much better about contacting them. She was also given a new CPN, who she said she was very happy with as he is friendly and approachable. She thanked Frank for all his support.