Debbie is physically disabled and 63 years old.

She was unhappy with her social worker, who she felt was abrupt and did not listen to her. Then after conducting a care assessment, she was informed that her care package would be cut. Although she complained about the social worker’s attitude and the reduction in care hours allocated, she got nowhere. Debbie contacted POhWER.

The advocate listened to Debbie and acknowledged her frustration. It was understood that since her care package hours had been reduced, there was not enough time for the carers to do her shopping, laundry and housework. The advocate explained that her role was to support Debbie to get her point across. It was agreed that the advocate help Debbie to write to social services to request a new social worker and for her care package to be reassessed. It was also agreed that the advocate would support her at the assessment to ensure that she was able to make her wishes known and that she was listened to.

Debbie received a written response from social services indicating that Debbie’s original social worker had acted appropriately, however a new social worker was allocated and a reassessment was arranged. Debbie and her advocate explained to the new social worker and Occupational Therapist (OT) why Debbie had challenged the previous social worker’s decision. Debbie also demonstrated her lack of mobility which the OT recognised as needing a more detailed assessment. Following the reassessment Debbie’s care package was reinstated to same level as before the original assessment.

Debbie is thankful for the support she received from her advocate, and has stated that without it, she would not have been listened to or had her wishes acted upon,. Debbie stated she felt stronger after being supported and felt next time there is an issue she will be able to tackle this on her own, but knows where we are if she needs help.