Fund Application Guidance Information – COVID-19 Emergency Fund Campaign

This guidance information is an addition to the general Hodge Hill NNS fund guidance, both guidance documents should be read prior to beginning any application.

If you are an asset that operates in the Hodge Hill constituency and needs support with an activity in response to COVID-19, we may be able to support you with funding from our emergency fund programme:

  • Micro Grants: £250 or below
  • Small Grants: £250 - £5,000
  • Medium Grants: £5,000 - £10,000
  • Application Closing Dates: No closing date, apply any time

Important Updates from Birmingham City Council NNS Commissioning Team to NNS Providers and their Assets/Community Groups

  1. NNS applications from Community Groups for project costs over £10,000 will be considered, providing the project outcomes are clear and there is sufficient evidence of need within the community
  2. Community Groups can also submit applications for funding for up to 12 months at this time (within the financial year 1st of April 2020 to 31st of March 2021), providing those applications have been awarded funding by the local grants panel and the funding has been issued by the NNS provider before the 31st of March 2021.

Emergency Fund Programme

This funding is based around the effects of COVID-19 on assets and local communities during the here and now, short and mid-term future beyond COVID-19 viewpoint.

This emergency fund campaign is aimed:

  • at funding services for people aged 50+,
  • with a secondary aim to help people below the age of 50 who may be family members/carers/supporters of people aged 50+

In accordance with central and local government guidance and directives, the lockdown measures may alter over time based on maintaining safe public health and social distancing.

Therefore, the emergency funding focus is now aimed at providing funding for some examples listed below:

(Keep in mind that this is not a definitive list and you should refer to the main outcomes listed in the application guidance notes when applying for funding)

  1. Shopping assistance, prescription collection responses for vulnerable persons that may or may not have mobility/transport difficulties.
  2. Social isolation responses such as telephone, text, email or video call support,
  3. Digital technology responses improving instant messaging and/or connecting to the digital world (through provision of PC/Laptop, tablet or mobile device equipment and/or training on using the World Wide Web and connecting to others in the digital world).
  4. Inclusive projects, such as community events, community gardening/cooking projects.
  5. Bereavement Support - services that offer video call, telephone call, text/instant messaging to socially isolated individuals and/or families that have lost family members during the pandemic.

Value for Money & Project Legacy

If you are considering applying for a fund amount of £1,000 or more (maximum is £10,000), you will need to illustrate how your project is providing value for money beyond the end of the COVID 19 lockdown measures.

In other words, if you have a specific project timescale, for example four months, your application will require some narrative description on how the project will continue beyond the project timescale you have planned. You will need to consider things like working partnerships, volunteer plans, joint funding with working partners, community involvement, etc.

Downloading application forms and application guidance

For more information and guidance on applying for the COVID 19 Emergency Funding, view the links below:


Application Forms

up to £250

View/download the form for fund applications up to £250 (MS Word)

£250 - £5,000

View/download the form for fund applications greater than £250 and up to £5,000 (MS Word)

£5,000 - £10,000

View/download the form for fund applications greater than £5,000 and up to £10,000 (MS Word)

Completing the application forms

The forms are presented in Microsoft Word format and the answer sections can be completed electronically using a keyboard for convenience.

Signing the application forms

Please note that during the COVID-19 emergency fund campaign, there is no requirement for a written signature on submitted application forms – just the appropriate name in type, or an electronic signature, or a scanned copy of the signature page with a hand written signature.

Additionally should the application be successful, the Conditions of Grant Aid or ‘COGA’ will be accepted with typed signatures, electronic signatures or scanned copy with a hand written signatures.

Submitting completed applications

All completed application forms and supporting information should be submitted electronically only. We are not accepting any postal applications during the lockdown measures. Electronic submissions to: [email protected] 

Supporting Information

Along with signed application forms, there is a requirement to submit the last three months’ bank statements of the applying organisation (These should be for the account any awarded funding is paid into).

The bank statements must be in the name of the applying organisation (or lead organisation if a joint application) and show the organisation address, sort code and account number. Applying organisations should redact any financial activity on the statements to protect confidentiality.

If the applying organisation has a newly opened bank account (within three months), we will accept a copy of a bank welcome letter.

How applications are assessed?

All completed fund application forms submitted are having a final appraisal and decision outcome through the Hodge Hill NNS Grants Panel.

We will offer a pre-appraisal service to all Hodge Hill NNS application forms we receive to advise the applicant on more detailed/missing information prior to submission to the Grants Panel.

Assessment timescales

We aim to have a funding decision within 2-3 working days for all applications up to £250 and 2-3 weeks for all applications above £250.

Applying for Further Funding

Whether an application is successful or unsuccessful for COVID-19 Emergency Funding, organisations will still be able to apply for general NNS Funding once the emergency fund campaign has ended.

Contact details for more information

If you require any further help or information please use the Hodge Hill NNS contact email address: [email protected]