Carol suffers from OCD, anxiety and panic attacks. She has a lot of childhood trauma and her mental state has worsened as she has got older. Carol can spend up to 3 hours doing her ‘checks’ before bed, this makes her feel safe. Carol’s symptoms worsens in small spaces e.g. in lifts and near water. Carol has social anxiety which makes it difficult for her to meet and talk to new people, especially giving eye contact.

After meeting POhWER at the Recovery College and being support to change her medication, Carol have become a regular attendee of the EmPOhWER groups.

Carol has said she can relax and feel safe at the group, you can trust the people there. The group makes Carol feel a lot more positive about mental illness. She can relate and talk to people who understand. Carol said if the group don’t know about a certain issue they can give information or refer to people who can help.