Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry on Mental Health Act Reform

During February & March 2021, the Joint Committee on Human Rights launched an inquiry into the proposed reform of the Mental Health Act.

POhWER submitted written evidence based on our experiences of supporting people through our advocacy, information and advice services at a national level.

POhWER’s Written Evidence Submission to Parliament

POhWER supports people across the country to have their voices heard through delivery of advocacy services. As the Advocacy service providing the largest coverage for Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) across the country we have broad experience working in settings where the Mental Health Act (MHA) is applied and supporting individuals who are subject to the powers and entitled to the rights enshrined within the act.

Between April 2020- January 2021 POhWER has reached 348,330 people with advocacy support, information, and advice. 43% of those beneficiaries lived with mental health condition.

It is one of the key duties of IMHA’s to support those subject to the act in understanding and accessing their rights.

POhWER’s full written evidence submission on Mental Health Act Reform to Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights Committee can be found here.