Beth is 28 years old and lives in her own home. She has multiple sclerosis, uses a wheelchair and receives care from an agency. Beth was struggling to cover the cost of her care package and was having to supplement the amount she received through her direct payment with £1000 per week of her own money which had been left to her by her mother. Her inheritance was being rapidly depleted and Beth was really worried about her future independence.

Beth was referred to POhWER for support from an advocate for an upcoming review meeting with adult social care. Imran, a POhWER advocate was assigned to support Beth. Imran worked through Beth’s finances with her and discovered that Beth’s direct payment had not been increased for a number of years despite the rise in the national minimum wage. Beth showed Imran emails she had sent to adult social care requesting a financial review but told him that she had not received any response. Imran also realised that Beth’s direct payment wasn’t being paid at the correct rate.

Imran supported Beth to raise the issue of her finances at her next care and support review meeting. Following this, adult social care agreed to grant Beth over £10,000 in back pay to cover the years where she had been underpaid.

At a further review meeting with adult social care, Imran supported Beth to challenge the rate her direct payment was being paid at. This challenge was upheld and Beth was awarded the correct rate.

This whole process meant that Beth no longer had to use her inheritance to pay towards her care package. Making these financial challenges have ensured that Beth now only has to pay the assessed contribution just as anyone else would.

Beth was delighted and relieved with the changes that Imran had helped her to achieve and now looks forward to making plans to use her inheritance to update her home and make some adaptations that she hadn’t previously been able to afford. Beth was also considering a holiday as she had not had one for over fifteen years and there were so many places in the world she wanted to see before her condition worsened.