Belinda was detained under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act, which Belinda stated she was sectioned due to squatters living in her own home, who called the police. The police then detained her in an emergency section.

Belinda referred herself to the IMHA using POhWER’s leaflet. The referral was quickly processed by POhWER’s Information Advice Advocacy Support Centre and the IMHA visited Belinda in the ward.

Through meeting with Belinda, the IMHA acknowledged Belinda wanting to appeal her compulsion.  Belinda wanted the support of the IMHA to appeal her section through a MHA tribunal.

According to nursing staff, Belinda was anxious and was worrying about her frail mother whilst in the hospital. She was observed by the nursing staff phoning people regarding her mother and her housing issues.  Since Belinda was highly anxious about many issues, the IMHA encouraged her to focus on her own self at the moment in regards her detention. The IMHA continued to focus the client whilst she was detained, as she may not be able to attend to her other concerns.

Belinda went for her Mental Health Act tribunal under Section 2 with the support of the IMHA. During the decision time of the tribunal, Belinda was very anxious, but the IMHA continued to focus her and attempted discussion to aid her to relax. She was also reminded that she could still appeal through a manager’s hearing if the outcome wasn’t to her satisfaction. After a long thorough consideration, the tribunal discharged Belinda from her Section 2.

Belinda was overjoyed with the decision of the tribunal, she thanked the IMHA greatly for his support during the tribunal, and making her ‘feel heard and acknowledged’ not only during the tribunal, but at all times they had met together.