Being a Supporter of POhWER means...

  • You may want to be invited to our local events and meetings
  • Work with us to develop our services locally
  • Get involved in local fundraising
  • Become a local POhWER 'Champion' who help us to talk to others about our services
  • We will send you local newsletters and tell you about the things we have been doing and are planning to do in the future.

Who can be a POhWER Supporter?

  • Anyone can be a POhWER Supporter!
  • You can join as an individual, professional, group or organisation
  • If you become a supporter you will not be involved in voting and attending the General Meetings

To find out more about membership of POhWER, complete our contact form requesting further information. Our contact form can be found here.

Download 'Being a Supporter of POhWER' - what does it mean in easyread (pdf)