Being a Member of POhWER means…

  • In addition to being a Supporter, you can also:
  • Where possible you will attend Annual General Meetings and understand the rules to make sure the charity is run well
  • Vote in person or by proxy to appoint new Trustees
  • Vote in person or by proxy to appoint auditors
  • Vote in person or by proxy to allow the Trustees to make decisions about the charity when needed
  • Agree to pay £1 to the charities assets if POhWER should stop being a charity while you are a Member
  • As a Member you can apply to be a Trustee you will also be a Supporter as well

Who can be a POhWER Member?

  • Anyone can be a POhWER Member
  • You can join as an individual, professional, group or organisation
  • It is important to remember that as a Member you have responsibilities and it is important that you respond to any information POhWER sends you

To find out more about membership of POhWER, complete our contact form requesting further information. Our contact form can be found here.

Download 'Being a Member of POhWER' - what does it mean in easyread (pdf)