Bedelia is a 50 year-old Irish woman who has been diagnosed with brain damage and cognitive impairment after a fall which caused a head injury. She is currently living in a care home. Bedelia is subject to a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DoLS) and has been assessed as not having the Mental Capacity to consent to the restrictions which are in place.

Bedelia does not have any family members or friends who are able to be a representative, so Glenn, a POhWER Advocate was appointed as her Relevant Person’s Paid Representative (RPPR) to provide support, for the remainder of the DoLS.

Glenn visited Bedelia at the care home. She told him she found it easier to retain information when reading so he gave her some printed information on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the DoLS process.

Glenn asked if Bedelia had any questions or if there was anything she needed. With prompting from one of her keyworkers, Bedelia told Glenn that an ex-partner was writing to her and sending her gifts and that she did not want this contact. The keyworker told Glenn that the ex-partner was managing Bedelia’s finances and any request for funds for the things she needed had to go via him. Bedelia was clear that she did not want this and it was causing her distress.

Glen asked Bedelia what she would like to happen. She said each time the individual wrote or sent gifts to her staff were informing her and giving them to her and she was throwing them in the bin. She said going forward she did not want the individual in question to have any contact with her at all. She also did not want him to manage her finances anymore.

Glenn met with the manager and raised Bedelia’s concerns. They discussed issues around Bedelia having capacity to make the decision around receiving correspondence. Glenn said that it is clear that Bedelia has been consistent in her expressing she did not want contact with the individual. The manager said he would write to Bedelia’s ex-partner and request that he no longer contacts Bedelia.

Glenn informed the social worker of Bedelia’s wishes around the management of her finances and a Local Authority appointee was put in place to manage her finances.

On a later visit to see Bedelia, Glenn was informed by staff that the individual has stopped corresponding with Bedelia and there is a plan in place for if he contacts her again. Bedelia thanked Glenn and told him she was happy that she was no longer receiving correspondence from her ex-partner.

Glenn has supported Bedelia to uphold her right to respect for her private and family life, home and correspondence under Article 8 of The Human Rights Act.