Bastian is in his 50’s and was living in a room in a shared house until he had a bad fall which caused a brain injury. He had a significant problem with alcohol which caused a breakdown in his relationships with his family.

When he was due to be discharged from hospital following the fall he was referred to POhWER for support from an advocate. Shira, a POhWER Advocate, visited Bastian in hospital. Hospital staff were preparing to discharge Bastian to a care home for elderly people.

Bastian was making clear improvements while in hospital and Shira was very unhappy about the prospect of him going into a care home for an unknown period. As it was unclear that his recovery needs would be properly met in such a care home, Shira felt this was not in his best interest. Shira therefore asked that consideration should be given to finding Bastian a specialist placement for people with an acquired brain injury in his home town.

The social worker was not confident that funding would be available, but Shira discovered that funding for a specialist placement was not much more expensive than for a care home placement and was therefore able to put forward a case that the local authority should meet that cost.

With agreement from Bastian, Shira made contact with his twin sons, his parents and his sister. They helped her to find out important information about his life situation prior to hospitalization. Shira passed this important information to the social worker who was then able to support Bastian to sort out his finances.

A specialist placement was found for Bastian and since moving there, he has made so much progress that he is being considered for independent living. Bastian’s family has started to engage with him again and now regularly visit him.