Annie is in her thirties, she has down syndrome and schizophrenia. Annie is at a low secure rehab unit.

Annie finds it hard to communicate with people because she has a speech impediment and she feels awkward and embarrassed when she stutters. This has stopped her from speaking up for herself.

Annie asked her POhWER advocate, Lucy, to attend a Care and Treatment Review meeting with her.

Lucy went to the unit for the meeting and sat with Annie. The meeting was held on Zoom and was attended by Annie’s external team. During the meeting, questions from the external team were directed to Annie and she was confident in answering some of these questions. There were also some questions which Annie asked Lucy to repeat for her as she either did not understand.

Lucy explained questions which Annie struggled with in a different way so that she then understood. When Annie struggled to answer, she asked Lucy to help her explain to the team what she was trying to say. During the meeting, Annie was able to put forward many requests that she would like for herself, for example how she would like to volunteer in a role where she could work with animals. Annie’s Team noted down her requests so that these can be put forward for her to work towards in the future.

After the meeting Annie thanked Lucy for being there for her when she needed the extra support. She also thanked Annie for her help in explaining the questions, she felt this had made it much easier for her to understand what was being asked of her. She said she felt more confident having Lucy there and said that she was able to put across things that she feels will be important to her recovery.