Anne's Direct Payments story

Anne and her sister had issues with obtaining the correct Direct Payment (DP) funding, as there was no audit done before the transfer of information to Shropshire council so they were waiting for their documents for over 12 months. This caused confusion and upset to Anne's sister that had no idea what to do, she was already suffering from exhaustion and poor health herself.

POhWER supported by attending a meetings with a social worker; it became obvious that there was a shortfall in the amount of funding that was being provided to cover the care package. With the support from POhWER the DP advisor gained the confidence of the sisters and opened up a Just Credit Union bank account for the DP payment to be received, along with a payroll system and insurance to employ a personal assistant. The re-costing of the care package allowed for the national minimum wage to be paid for night shifts - giving the full support that was needed.