Alison has long standing health difficulties and was receiving treatment in the community.  She had been having difficulties with the care and support she received from the NHS.

Alison wanted to complain about lack of communication as regards her treatment and was also very concerned about the side effects of this. Alison wanted an explanation and to find out if there was an alternative.

The advocate contacted Alison and explained her role. It was agreed that the advocate would support Alison to write a complaint letter and follow up by telephone, but would also accompany Alison to any appropriate meetings. The advocate also followed up any telephone calls with written letters confirming what had been said and drafted an advocacy plan which Alison could refer to if she was unclear or feeling anxious

The medical staff sent a written response which detailed the reasoning behind the clinical treatment and set out other treatment options. The advocate was able to go through this with Alison to ensure that she understood this and if she was satisfied with this, which she was.

Alison expressed her gratitude for the support she had received from the advocate.