Adele requested advocacy support telling us that due to her health conditions, she finds meetings with professionals very stressful as she has to meet people she does not know. At the time that Adele approached the service she had several issues with which she needed support and also identified that she wished to pursue an NHS complaint about her treatment and care

The advocate met with Adele and explained her role and remit and the support which the community advocacy service can offer.  The advocate asked Adele how she would like her support to be and Adele said that she would like to discuss and make plans on her better days when she can cope with people around her.

The advocate agreed to provide support to enable Adele to prepare for meetings and to ensure that she understood what had been said and was able to raise any concerns

The advocate noted the issues that Adele identified as difficult so that appropriate plans could be put in place to support Adele at these meetings in order that she could voice her wishes and participate as fully as possible.  With Adele’s permission, the advocate approached support services to ensure that Adele could have the correct support.

The advocate also explained the NHS complaints advocacy service to Adele and explained that POhWER also provide this service, so a seamless referral was made.

Adele told the advocate she is very grateful for any support with meetings, for discussion on phone and the face to face support she has received from advocacy and said that she felt she would not have known where to turn without advocacy support.