Hodge Hill NNS - Emergency Asset Register

In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, a directory has been compiled for Hodge Hill residents, which includes support services for at risk older adults who are isolating Read more

Hodge Hill NNS Steering Group

Neighbourhood Network Scheme Steering Groups are an important element of the implementation and delivery of Neighbourhood Network Schemes across the city and the broader focus on community social work practice by Birmingham City Council’s Adult Social Care Directorate. They will provide a structured partnership environment through which stakeholders can coordinate activity which is relevant to prevention and early intervention, concerning older people, as well as use their insight, experience a Read more

NNS Grant Application Information

POhWER are working on behalf of Birmingham City Council to support citizens over 50 in the community to live healthy, independent lives. The Neighbourhood Network Scheme helps connect older people to individuals, groups, organisations, activities, services and places in their neighbourhoods. Read more

London Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service (IHCAS)

Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service for people who wish to make a complaint about treatment provided under the NHS. In London we provide this service to the residents of 20 boroughs. Read more

Young People’s Advocacy Service in East Sussex

In East Sussex we work with young people aged between seven and 19 years old who have disabilities, special educational needs and are looked after. Read more