In September, POhWER were invited to attend Voluntary Action Islington’s volunteer fair, as an organisation within Islington and Camden who provide services. The fair was catered for those voluntary organisations who are raising awareness of their service and to promote volunteer opportunities. There were many other organisation present, including our partners on the Islington contract Elfrida who were also promoting volunteering opportunities within their organisation.

Below are some quotes from the POhWER staff who attended the event:

‘As a new recruit to the organisation, I was very pleased to be involved in the voluntary fair. I really enjoyed being proactive, and taking the message of the organisation into the community.

We were highly visible in our POhWER T shirts, and managed to generate quite a bit of interest in volunteering for the organisation. It was great to meet other people, and hear about the work they do in the community.

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience’

Tracy O’Mahony- Relevant Person’s Paid Representative London


‘ It was a well attended event with many organisations from both Camden and Islington, allowing POhWER to raise awareness of their services, but also their drive for recruitment of volunteers.

Many people attended our stall to enquire about our volunteering opportunities and to ask how referrals can be made to our service if Advocacy support is needed.

I enjoyed spreading the word about our services and explaining my journey within POhWER; starting as a volunteer and now as a community manager. Hopefully those who expressed interest will one day be a part of our growing volunteer network’

Kelly Foley- Community manager London