POhWER’s marathon runner Linda Baxter is keeping up the hard work with her consistent training, here is an insight into how she is doing.

On Sunday 5th November Linda ran 10k in the Bonfire Burn competition in Cambridge. Setting off with a running friend she decided she would take this run easy. The night before was quite a late night due to going to a Halloween party so it made perfect sense not to push too hard.

Linda Said ‘It was a lovely dry morning and the sun was shining, however it was very cold to start’.

The Bonfire Burn is a flat course and most runners would say an easy course to run. She set off at a rather relaxed pace along the guided bus way in Cambridge, then through the Cambridge science park. Looking at the time, she started to think if I made a bit more effort I may even be on for a personal best (PB). Comfortably passing other runners, along the way she picked up speed. Not far to go now she said to herself while passing the 7k mark, counting the markers 8k then 9k. This was when I thought I could be close to a (PB) and with all my effort started to speed up.

Linda said ‘Seeing the finish line in sight. I sprinted to the end crossing the finish line 51min51sec, unfortunately not quite a (PB)’.


Linda’s plan is to continue to do about 20k a week up until Christmas and then in the New Year she will look at her training programme to increase her mileage each week.

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