The project name – EmPOhWER through employment
Start date: 3rd of August 2020

Over 85% of people with a mental illness who are not employed say that they would like to work.

POhWER supports marginalised, vulnerable and socially excluded people with human rights advocacy. We support people living with mental health difficulties and disability to ensure their barriers and the inequality they experience in society is addressed. People with mental health problems are traditionally more likely to become unemployed and can often find it harder to return to employment. The Office of National Statistics indicates that only 27% of working age adults in England with a mental illness are in employment, yet over 85% of people with a mental illness who are not employed say that they would like to work.

Employment and Recovery - Build Your Confidence and Thrive In The Workplace

For those with mental health problems, being employed can be an important step to recovery, improving self-esteem, building confidence and reducing psychological distress. Conversely, unemployment increases the risk of developing mental health problems, and is associated with increased rates of depression and suicide as well as higher use of health services and hospital admission. Employment is therefore vital for maintaining good mental health and promoting recovery from mental health problems.

Addressing Inequality – Changing Life Chances

Mental health should never be the reason for unemployment. POhWER are passionate that every person is treated equally and fairly, enabling everyone to have the same opportunities to realise our true and full potential. That’s why we are partnering with Stay Nimble and Accenture to address this inequality by providing people with mental health challenges, the opportunity to take part in a pilot project that will give people access to an award-winning career development digital platform to support people in finding new and rewarding career options, matched with their goals and passions.    


“Stay Nimble and Accenture are a really good fit with POhWER’s ethos and values. Both organisations are passionate about addressing inequality and creating opportunities for improved life chances.” Carmel Swan, POhWER spokesperson “POhWER do vital work with thousands of people across the UK, helping voices to be heard that are often marginalised, and we’re delighted to be able to support the EmPOhWER through employment project with them. At Stay Nimble, we recognise the importance of employment in supporting people with mental health challenges, and our recent research showed the toll of redundancy on mental health. So it is vital that people are able to easily access services which will help them navigate the labour market, build their confidence, and unlock their potential. Our social impact partnership with Accenture and POhWER shows the power of collaboration between large corporates, social enterprises and charities to address structural inequality in the UK.” Dominic Atkinson, CEO Stay Nimble.