From the 1st February 2016, POhWER are working in an additional 19 new Secure Units across the country to provide advocacy services to empower clients to know their rights and get their voice heard about decisions being made about their lives. The service enables people to understand and participate in their care and treatment plans (Care Approach Plan’s). 

POhWER advocates support a variety of people who reside in secure and specialist units across the country, some with learning disabilities, enduring mental health conditions, acquired brain injuries, autistic spectrum disorders and personality disorders. There are many different types of units that POhWER advocates work in, such as: Medium Secure units (MSU), Low Secure units (LSU), step down and community units. Most people in these circumstances are detained under the Mental Health Act.

The additional 19 units mean that POhWER will now be working in 51 secure units across the country, spreading from Devon to Glasgow. Of the change, Secure Services Manager, Gill Wingfield comments, “we are delighted and excited to be able to work with the Priory Group in 19 of their units across the country. We plan to use our experience and expertise in being able to deliver an effective and professional advocacy service to support and empower people staying within a Priory setting.”

POhWER will be working in partnership with NYAS to deliver advocacy services to the Priory Units.