Sandwell Care Act event held on the 6th of September was a great success.

This event was a great opportunity to increase Sandwell’s Community understanding of the legislation and how Care Act Advocacy can benefit people.

At POhWER we offer Care Act Advocacy for the people of Sandwell. Pohwer are passionate about helping people be heard. The Care Act was introduced in 2014 to protect and support vulnerable people in the community. We want to promote the Care Act so that people are getting the support that they might need.

The Care Act says that local councils must involve people in decisions about their care and support needs. If it would be difficult for someone to be involved in deciding on their needs without support, the council must make sure they get the appropriate support. If the person doesn’t have someone who can help them, they have the right to have an independent Care Act advocate.

Care Act advocates support Adults who need care and support, Carers, and Children who are moving to adult care services. If the council is making decisions about a person’s care they must consider whether they would have ‘substantial difficulty’ being involved. Substantial difficulty would be if they have problems with understanding information about the decisions. This can include remembering information, difficulty in using this information to be involved in the decisions or being unable to tell people your views, wishes and feelings.

The council then needs to consider whether the person has an ‘appropriate individual’ to support them. This is someone who the council agree will be available and able to support them. It can be someone in their family or a friend but should not be someone that person doesn’t want to support them.

An advocate will support the person and be involved as much as possible in decisions about the care of the person. The advocates can help when the council is making a needs assessment, making a carer’s assessment, making or reviewing a care and support plan or having a safeguarding enquiry (to check if you might be being abused) or arranging for a Safeguarding Adults Review.

The aim of the Care Act event in Sandwell was to inform the people of Sandwell of their rights and what support is out there for people in the area.

POhWER prides itself on informing people and getting their voices heard and events like this do exactly that.

If you require help and support or are a carer that cares for someone that needs an advocate please contact POhWER on 0300 456 2370