POhWER Plans Future of Seamless Statutory Advocacy Provision with New Nottinghamshire Contract.

From 1st October, POhWER will be building on its success delivering advocacy services over the last five years to some of the most vulnerable people in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire by introducing an ambitious new advocacy role aimed at ensuring that people with the need for different types of statutory advocacy will work with just one advocate.

This fundamental change to the delivery of advocacy will move toward an integrated, multi skilled independent advocate role, meaning one advocate will work with a person on a range of health and social care issues, enabling the same advocate to offer the person:

  • Independent Advocacy under the Care Act 2014
  • Independent Mental Capacity  Advocacy (IMCA)
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)
  • NHS Complaints Advocacy

This change will ensure a more seamless delivery of advocacy services to the people we work with, meaning they receive consistent support, do not to have to repeat their story to different advocates and can rely on advocates having a better understanding of who they are and what matters to them. Over the next three years POhWER will be pioneering this important change to the delivery of statutory advocacy and we want the people we support, professionals and other stakeholders to tell us about how these changes are working and improving outcomes for the people we work with.

In addition to this new role, POhWER will also be delivering Paid Representative services (supporting people under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards in a care home or hospital) and two new non-statutory advocacy services in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire:

  • a hospital based non-statutory IMHA advocacy service for informal (voluntary) patients accessing mental health services;
  • an advocacy service as part of the Transforming Care programme for people with a learning disability and/or autism at risk of being admitted to or already in hospital for assessment and treatment of their mental health needs and/or challenging behaviour.

For more detailed information about our new services, including the new statutory Independent Advocate role, please visit our website www.pohwer.net or telephone us 8am- 6pm Monday – Friday on 0300 020 0093.