Over the weekend, our very own Chief Executive Mark Lister, and Chair of the Board Rob Wainwright along with Fiona Turner ran the full length, end to end of the Malvern Hills. This mammoth hike included 18kms, 15 hills and 3,500ft of ascent and the purpose was to raise money and awareness for POhWER.

With the total time coming up to 2h15m, this run certainly was not for the faint hearted!

“I must admit it was hard going and forced a walking pace on some steeper hills. But the challenge pales against those faced by the people POhWER helps. I feel privileged to be involved.” – Mark Lister (CEO)

As our brave climbers tackled the hills, they also had the chance to enjoy some incredible views. They encountered some tumbles along the way, but they persevered and raised over £1,000 for POhWER and did us all proud!

Well Done Mark, Rob and Fiona!

If you would like to raise money for POhWER, you can look at our fundraising page (www.pohwer.net/fundraising) for inspiration or donate directly.

Money raised for POhWER can help people like Ali:

Ali felt unable to make a fresh start.

Ali felt that he had overcome his issues with mental health, but was denied the option of stopping his medication. Ali’s medication made him feel cloudy and unable to complete daily tasks.

Ali was under the impression he would be sectioned if he exercised his right to refuse medication.

POhWER assigned Ali an advocate who explained his rights. Ali is now medication free and feels able to actively seek out employment.