Nottingham POhWER advocate Benjamin Baxter has been working with the Recovery College.

Benjamin Baxter is a new community development worker for Nottingham. He has been doing engagement work at the Recovery College, run by Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

The college provides courses that are designed to increase your knowledge and skills about recovery, and to help people manage their mental health and well-being. He delivered a Self- Advocacy course in the Autumn term and has just started the Spring term.

The Self advocacy course is a six week course that explored what advocacy is, types of advocacy, support structures, managing conflict, assertiveness, decision making and practical strategies for real life situation e.g. making an NHS complaint.

The feedback has been extremely positive, one student said 'this course has changed my life.' The Recovery College is always refining the course to improve it’s effectiveness and are hoping to deliver it to additional educational settings and the wider community.

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