POhWER Gloucestershire provided a presentation and an information stand at the NHS Gloucestershire Care Services’ Mental Health and Dementia CPD Event.

The day took place at Gloucester Farmers Club on Wednesday 6th June and ran from 9-5pm.

The event provided a platform for professionals to develop their understanding of mental health and dementia and share good practice.

Workshops and talks took place throughout the day on:

• Mindfulness / anxiety management
• Aromatherapy workshop
• Psychosis / hallucinations / glasses /perceptual disturbances
• 5 ways to mental wellbeing / sleep hygiene / activities
• Understanding of someone’s life story (Graham Stokes) / case study
• Mental Health Inpatient Care
• POhWER Advocacy Services

Feedback from the hosts was that presentation was well received and positive feedback was provided from the participants.