Ben Baxter from our Nottingham team was pleased to attend POW Nottingham's team meeting in July. It was a great opportunity to tell about POhWER, what services we provide and how we could possibly work together to support this vulnerable group.

The only organization of its kind in the region, POW Nottingham provides health and wellbeing services for sex workers, who are amongst the most vulnerable and marginalised people in society. Their team includes a specialist Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA), as well as staff dedicated to supporting migrant sex workers, those who want to move on from sex work, and those in crisis.

POW also provides satellite clinics for sexual health and drug misuse, condoms and sexual health information and facilitates attendance at health appointments in addition to delivering outreach sessions. They also carry out advocacy and training to effect wider change in society around issues of sex work and sexual exploitation. Through forming a working partnership with POhWER, POW seek to give a voice to service users who are often voiceless and without audience.