Linda Baxter with MedalLinda Baxter, Community Manager for one of our Secure & Complex Services Teams, has now run the London Marathon which took place on 22nd April 2018. She chose to raise money for POhWER.

She ran the 26.2 miles in 5 hours 2 mins. We at POhWER are amazed at her stamina, especially in the heat of that particular day. 

Donations are still welcome. Please continue to Donate here!

POhWER would like to thank her dedication and support.

Linda has been running for three and a half years. She started at the end of January 2014 with Parkrun.

“I used to get muddy and cold and wonder why on earth I was doing it - being a bit competitive and not wanting to throw the in the towel, I continued. I then encouraged myself to run my first 10k, when I was running it, I thought I would never get round but I did and afterwards I started to do a few more. This led to my first half marathon, not wanting to shame myself, I went to America to run it with my sister. After four half marathons, I’m getting brave and had the crazy idea to run for POhWER in the London marathon. I’m going to need all the support and encouragement I can get. I will need special support and motivation to keep me going so please keep an eye out for my training updates.”

Post Marathon Run Update 25/04/2018

Time 5:02:27. So pleased I got to the end, it was the toughest run I have ever done.

The London Marathon was absolutely amazing, I have never experienced so much support while running. It was just out of this world. Fantastic.

At mile 20 I felt good and please with how I had paced my journey so far. And then about 21miles started to struggle. Not too sure how I finished but gave it my all. A friend of mine who ran last year told me the last 6 miles are tough and you will need to dig in, however the crowd will carry you. I now know what he meant by saying dig deep. My giving page is up to 1,298.70 and with gift aid 1,513.38. So pleased.

Update from Linda 19/04/2018

My last run before London Marathon.

I wanted to make my last run before the London Marathon a little more exciting. Saturday 14th April I find myself with another 3,000 people  lined up for the VENICE NIGHT TRAIL. This race was a night run with head torches, running for 16K/10miles through streets and squares, up and down 51 bridges, to discover the mystery and the great wonders of the unique Venetian town center. It was a lovely warm night,  I had my British flag tucked into my head torch and ready to go. What an amazing run, with such a fantastic atmosphere.

Wednesday evening 18th April i went to London to register and collected my number and kit bag.  In the Excel London there are many display stalls etc. I purchased some number fasteners, which had a little writing on them that said if found on ground drag over finish line. Using these at least I know I will get a medal. Feeling a little nervous, and at the same time very excited and proud to be running for POhWER.  I am going to need all the support I can get. There is an app you can download and follow me.   Please help me along. J

A GIGANTIC THANK YOU for everyone who has sponsored me.

Latest Update from Linda 03/04/2018

Over the last month I have continued to train for London.

On 4th March I ran the Cambridge Half Marathon completing in 154.17. I was really pleased with this time as it gave me a Personal Best (PB). Two years previous I completed Cambridge in 158.27.

The following week I went off skiing, however I did manage a couple of runs in the Alps, that was tough work, I much prefer running in England as there are not so many hills.

On my return to England the following week I managed to complete my farthest run ever 19 miles, arriving home I was very much on my last legs, in fact not too sure where my legs were for a short while.

Each Tuesday and Thursday evening during March I have gone out for a 10k, trying to put some miles in my legs.
On the 18th March I signed up for the Lincoln 10k, however due to snow they had to postpone the race, so no running that day. During the evening the following week I carried on with my running plan.

Linda runs hilly Mortimer trailOn the 25th March a friend of mine invited me to join him to run the Mortimer Trail Run in Ludlow. I can honestly say I have never ever ran such a difficult race! It was only 9 miles but the hills were something else. After about 1 mile in I realised why my friend had given a little chuckle about the hills. The BEAST was in front of me and I quietly said to myself how on earth do I get up there, only one way to find out. Heading for the BEAST I realised it was going to take some time, and did not feel to guilty when I could no longer run, even the real hard core runners were walking. Each time I looked up all I could see was a single file of runners trying to climb this crazy hill. Getting to the top was quite amazing and the scenery quite breath taking, once I had got my breath back. I was so pleased when I finally crossed the finish line.

After a couple of days rest my next challenge was to try and go further than 19 miles. I can happily say my best distance is now 21 miles.

Just one more big run and I will start tapering ready for the BIG day. Feeling really excited and just a little nervous with only 3 and a half weeks to go.