Luton is the first town in the Bedfordshire region to launch Keep Safe which Bedfordshire Police are leading.

Keep Safe is a community safety scheme designed by and for people with learning disabilities.

Keep Safe is for disabled people to get help and support when out and about and to make a phone call in case of an emergency to the police or other emergency service, to a support service or to a parent or carer if need be.

Our Community Development Worker supported the launch from beginning to end starting by facilitation a consultation with service users who have learning disabilities to establish which scheme they would like to see implemented in Luton. Once this was completed it was found that the choice was unanimous across the board and the decision was passed on to Luton Borough Council and Bedfordshire Police.

Once the decision was made to go ahead and Bedfordshire Police agreed to lead the scheme training was put in place by the scheme provider and our community development worker supported at the sessions which ensured everyone involved understood what they were being told and what to do if they felt unsafe when out and about.

An official launch of the scheme took place at The Mall in Luton on 16th March 2016, where the service users who had been trained took the Keep Safe packs around to the shops who had agreed to take part and place the stickers in the windows.

As a result of the success in Luton with this launch Bedfordshire Police are looking to launch the scheme throughout the rest of Bedfordshire.